Runway 18/36 at a typical non-towered general aviation airport in the United States.


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June 20, 2006: is re-launched.


Pronunciation: 'flIt : a brilliant, imaginative, or unrestrained display or exercise.

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(June 20, 2006)

Welcome to Guard Aviation!

Avgas is blue, and has an octane rating of 100, and is used by most piston aircraft. is a web-site from the developers of and We started developing aviation software in 1994 and we are pleased to bring you

Over the years we've developed software applications for general aviation that had no official home and thus had very limited, private use only.

So the plan is to use as a platform to share aviation related projects, software applications, and information about general aviation. We hope you enjoy.

A hang glider pilot launches from a 425 foot ridge.

What is "General Aviation"?

The following is from the Wikipedia definition of General Aviation.

General aviation (abbr. GA) is one of the two categories of civil aviation. The term general aviation describes any flight other than a military or scheduled airline flight, ranging from gliders and powered parachutes to large, non-scheduled cargo jet flights. As a result, the majority of the world's air traffic falls into this category, and the vast majority of the world's airports serve general aviation exclusively.

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